Notations based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

The following is an indication based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions regarding the sales of “Labor Robot”, “Metaverse Mall”, “Lawyer Robot”, “Robot Lawyer”, other related programs (hereinafter “Software”), and online training “e-learning” (hereinafter “e-learning”).

Name of DistributorRobot Consulting Co., Ltd.
Head of OperationsHidetoshi Yokoyama
Location6F Le Gratteciel Bldg.2, 5-22-6 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 105-0004
Contact / Phone Number+81(0)3-6280-5477
Contact / FAX+81(0)3-6831-2677
Contact / Emailsupport at       ※Please convert “at” to “@”
Contact / Home Page URL
Sales PriceVaries on the plan selected by the customer. For each pricing plan, please see the pricing page for each service. Tax exclusive.
【Labor Robot】
1.5 million JPY or 3 million JPY
【Metaverse Mall】
4 million JPY or 5 million JPY
Initial cost from 300,000 JPY + account fee 10,000 JPY/person + course fee from 400,000 JPY/month/person
Additional cost other than the sales priceConnection and communication fees required for internet use.
(For the cost, please contact the respective internet service providers with whom you have contracted.)
Delivery (provision) date of the products (services)In the case of Software and e-learning, they can be used immediately after the prescribed procedures are completed.
Payment method・Bank transfer ※Transfer fee is to be covered by the customer.
・ Credit card payment
Payment period
・For bank transfers: By the end of the month of the service provision or by the end of the following month. Please check your invoice.
・For credit card payment: The date of debit by each credit card company
Return policyDue to the nature of the content, they are non-returnable, and we do not accept cancellations or returns after the purchase is confirmed.
Operating environment●Recommended environment (browser)
・Google Chrome (latest version for Windows and Mac OS X respectively)
※Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled.
●Recommended environment (application)
・The latest version of Android
・The latest version of iOS